Wedding Consultant & Planner

With over 7 years experience as a Photographer (Specialized Wedding Photographer) I now offer a unique Wedding Consultancy & Planning service. I specialize in Civil Ceremonies & Religious Weddings within the South Wales areas & offer a variety of helpful tips & packages.

Why book a Wedding Consultant & Planner?

I have over 5 years’ experience within Wedding Photography, design & marketing. My planning & organisational skills are exceptional & I love nothing more than helping others visualize & create their dreams. I can help you visualize, design & create the Wedding Day you’ve always wanted. I help my clients with budget management, researching, planning & act as personal assistant, adviser & coordinator (as well as a friend & shoulder to cry on when needed!). I’m also a negotiator, multitasker & problem solver.

Planning a wedding can be time consuming and stressful. My job is to help you have a perfectly organised, stress-free and relaxed experience so you can enjoy your special day. 

It's time to consider having a Wedding Consultant if:

  • You have a busy lifestyle and don't have the time to plan or organise such a large scale event?

  • Your organisational skills are not the best or if you find organizing and planning stressful and boring?

What's in the initial Wedding Consultation?

This will be our initial meeting & starting point. You will be presented with a pack & some other helpful documents that we will go through together. This will help to guide you through the researching & planning process. It’s the best way to start planning your special day as everything is in once place, we will talk about your design ideas, wants & wishes, define your budget & create a structure for you to follow. By the end of the session you will have a clear outline of what you want, the structure of the day & how your Wedding Day will take place. Topics include:

  • Detailed Timescale & To Do List

  • Finance & Budget

  • Research into appropriate colors and themes

  • Venue and location search

  • Service Provider research

  • The Traditional Order of the big day

  • Duties & roles on the big day

  • Traditional Marriage Ceremony Positioning​​

My Mission as a Wedding Consultant & Planner

My mission is to help anyone who might find themselves so busy or those who are so overwhelmed at the thought of planning their special day. Even just an hour of my time can help you create a clear plan of action or help to ease some of the stress. A lot of couples have said that they don't enjoy their Wedding Day as much as they should due do to all the stress & worry that surrounds it. This is not what getting married is about!

Please get in touch or send me a message if you wish to view my price lists or discuss any of my services

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